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Rachael O’Brien - How Anyone Can Do Business

Rachael O’Brien - How Anyone Can Do Business

April 22, 2019

Rachael O’Brien – How Anyone Can Do Business

Aired Monday, 22 April 2019, 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM PST

We all get those business ideas that we think about but never put into action. Fear, doubt, regret, guilt, and more tend to help us un-convince ourselves to follow through with our idea. Voices tell us “You’re not smart enough” or “You don’t have the correct schooling” or more. However, what if anyone, even you can do business? What if business isn’t an entity we boss around like this reality teaches? What if we can have communication with our business?

Venus Castleberg is bringing another guest onto her show on April 22nd on OmTimes Radio. Her and Rachael O’Brien will be discussing just how anyone can do business!

Rachael O’Brien, CFMW, is a Transformational Life Coach, Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness, Advanced Joy Of Business Facilitator, Certified Managements Consultant, Pilates Instructor, and co-owner of Irish Rain Natural Skin-Care. Rachael is the mother of three children aged 19, 20, and 26.

She travels the world, facilitating workshops, that empower people to choose and create ease in all aspects of their lives. She is inspired to create a world that nurtures talent, makes the impossible possible. She loves to empowers people to create money doing what they love. Her commitment to a future of possibilities, and living life as an adventure of living, is what wakes her up in the morning.

She also is co-author of International Best Seller Dancing As The Body Of Consciousness. This lady is a true gift to our world and planet. How does it get any better?

Her main target in the world is for every person to know that you do not have to have a money problem, and anyone can do business.

Join Venus and Rachael on OmTimes Radio on April 22nd at 12 p.m. PST/3 p.m. EST.

Dr. Khushboo Shah - Receiving from Entities

Dr. Khushboo Shah - Receiving from Entities

April 15, 2019

Dr. Khushboo Shah – Receiving from Entities

Airing Monday, 15 April 2019, 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM PST

What if there really are beings without bodies around us all the time? But, what if they aren’t as scary as this reality tries to lead us to believe? What if they are here to help us? Entities are always here to gift, receive, or communicate with us and we can talk with them whenever we would like to. So what if, instead of being fearful about entities, we talked with them, played with them, and received from them?

Dr. Khushboo Shah will be joining Venus Castleberg on the Outside the Impossible radio show on April 15th to discuss how we can actually receive from entities!

Dr. Khushboo Shah is a dentist by education and an Access Consciousness Facilitator by choice. Her journey with Access as an Access Bars facilitator began in 2014. Today she is a Certified Facilitator, a Talk to the Entities Facilitator, founder of her organisation Earthlings and For EASE.

“Every time I attend an Access class or facilitate one… I leap at least 10 steps forward into my potency. Becoming a Talk to The Entities was definitely a choice, though a choice I avoided till the resistance that I put up to my awareness of entities literally started to hurt my body. Opening up to the world of entities… receiving from them has by far been the greatest gift for creating EASE in my world. Whether this be with my body, creating classes, growing my businesses, travelling, making more money, or the communion with Earth that I so long for… there’s an ease, a flow in my world today since I started RECEIVING from entities and not resist them! Would you also like to invite this EASE in your world?

What gift can the spirit world be for you ? What gift is the spirit world that it can’t wait to show you and be for you? Are you ready?

Join Venus and Dr. Khushboo Shah as they explore Receiving from Entities at 12 p.m. PST/3 p.m. EST on OmTimes Radio on Monday, April 15th, 2019!

Laleh Hancock - Out-Creating Your Finances

Laleh Hancock - Out-Creating Your Finances

April 8, 2019

Laleh Hancock – Out-Creating Your Finances

Aired Monday, 8 April 2019, 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM PST

Have you ever wondered what else is possible with your finances? Have you always dreamed you could have a different relationship with money but never knew how? Would you like to know how to create beyond your expenses and bills?

Join Venus Castleberg and her special guest, Laleh Hancock about Out-creating Your Finances.

Laleh is a conscious parent, seasoned executive and life-long entrepreneur. She is committed, in both her professional and personal life, to inspiring and empowering others to recognize greater potential in themselves and create profound wellness in their bodies and lives.

Laleh boasts nearly 30 years’ experience in operational excellence, cultural change, and personal and corporate wellness. She has inspired and empowered hundreds of thousands of individuals, businesses, executives, families, athletes and veterans, and believes that, through the curiosity of questions and the use of pragmatic tools, every person can have wellness in all facets of their life.

Laleh is an ardent change-agent and a committed benevolent capitalist, with a desire to bring global wellness to the forefront of everyone’s awareness. She maintains that creating and maintaining wellness is not just easier than many expect, it can also be a lot of fun.

Join these two delightful women on Monday April 8th at 12 p.m. PST/3 p.m. EST on OmTimes Radio!

Would it be fun to check out Laleh’s very special My Everything Woman program? Here’s the link!

Gina Charos - Change, Choice and Possibilities

Gina Charos - Change, Choice and Possibilities

April 1, 2019

Gina Charos – Change, Choice and Possibilities

Aired Monday, 1 April 2019, 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM PST

Do you allow yourself to have true choice in life? Do you allow yourself to change and see more possibilities from true choice? When you are asked for a favor, do you ask a question do you automatically say yes? What about when you’re low on money and a friend says they are thirsty or hungry and have no money? Do you instantly try to “fix” the situation and spend money that you may not have? Would you be willing to choose what is best for you even if it’s not what your friends would like you to do? When you allow yourself to truly choose what is best for you, then other possibilities can show up like magic! On Monday, April 1st, Gina Charos will be joining Venus Castleberg on Outside the Impossible to discuss change, choice and possibilities!

Gina Charos is a business and personal development consultant, event manager, public speaker and teacher. She has been working in the Education Department in Australia for over 20 years in Primary Schools, Special Education and in Adult Education. She has also studied various healing modalities and is driven by knowing that there are many possibilities to create a different future, life, business, health and happiness. She takes great pleasure in empowering people to know that they know as an Access Consciousness Facilitator and enjoys working with people of all ages and backgrounds to create the change they desire.

Would it be a contribution to join these two, right here on OmTimes Radio for Outside the Impossible? The show starts Monday, April 1st at 12 p.m. PST/3 p.m. EST!

Dr. Anthony Mattis - Creating with Bodies

Dr. Anthony Mattis - Creating with Bodies

March 25, 2019

Dr. Anthony Mattis – Creating with Bodies

Aired Monday, 25 March 2019, 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM PST

I have been using the tools of Access Consciousness for the past seven years and they have basically changed every area of my life. When I stumbled upon the tools of Access Consciousness I was so disenfranchised from the lack of success I have garnered from the other modalities, that I was very apprehensive about the tools. But I started using them and got so much change despite my resistance that I couldn’t deny their power.

Would it be fun to explore what else is possible with bodies? Is it time to explore this crazy world of knowing what you know? What else could be created when you acknowledge the powerhouse your body is? Join Venus Castleberg as she interviews Dr. Anthony Mattis about Creating with Bodies on OmTimes Radio, March 25th at 12 p.m. PST/3 p.m. EST.

Saskia Schulte - Having Fun and Being Wrong

Saskia Schulte - Having Fun and Being Wrong

March 18, 2019

Saskia Schulte – Having Fun and Being Wrong

Aired Monday, 18 March 2019, 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM PST

As we grow up, we are told how wrong we are. How everything isn’t quite right. Judgment floats around our little minds. Our skin is too dark. We are too fat. Our clothes are out of style. They must not have money for lunch. All of this, and more is projected onto us as we play with our friends on the dusty playground or work on math inside stuffy classrooms. As we grow up, the judgements just get harsher and harsher as the kids learn to express their emotions. “Slim up!” “Grow up!” “Wear a potato sack next time instead of that hideous thing!” “Oh you’re beautiful!” “Ugh you’re hideous.” “I would ask you… but I don’t think you could afford it.” By the time we graduate high school, it seems like we have been split up into 100,000 different pieces, all with their own separate identities, judgements and wrongnesses. How many of those points of views and judgements have we all picked up on that are not even ours?

On Monday, March 18th, Venus Castleberg is joined by Saskia Schulte on Outside the Impossible to delve into Having Fun and Being Wrong.

Five years ago, Saskia Savita Schulte had been desperate. Stuck in a badly paid job after struggling with unemployment for years, hating her body and self and not seeing any perspective to have a live worth living, she wanted to die. Then, a book written by Dr. Dain Heer sneaked into her life and after reading it in one day, and crying for three hours from relief, she started implementing the tools of Access Consciousness. She quit her job, became an entrepreneur, had too much fun and even started loving her body. Today she knows her body is an asset to create, not something to stumble over in life. All her life she was (and still is) made wrong for her body size. And how wrong do you actually have to be willing to be to have all the fun you desire?

What if being wrong could be fun? What if every wrongness is actually a strongness? Is now the time to learn how strong and amazing you truly are? Exactly the way you are and exactly the way you are not. Venus and Saskia go live on Monday, March 18th at 3 p.m. EST / 12 p.m. PST on OmTimes radio to discuss Having Fun and Being Wrong. How much fun would that be?

Sarah Andros - Magic of Bodies

Sarah Andros - Magic of Bodies

March 11, 2019

Sarah Andros – Magic of Bodies

Aired Monday, 11 March 2019, 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM PST

Do you have magic in your body just waiting to be acknowledged? Would you like to really dive into what the magic of the body is? What if it could be really easy? Join Venus Castleberg and special guest, Sarah Andros as they discuss the Magic of Bodies and exploring what else is possible for Every body.

Born in the UK, Sarah grew up in Perth, Western Australia. From a young child she had a carefree nature and deep desire to know more about life. This eventually led her to study Psychology, in the hope of understanding the ‘meaning of life’ more.

Disillusioned after university however, she chose to travel the world solo, which satisfied her curiosity more than her degree. After 18 months she returned ‘home’ primarily from physical sickness, which led her into a deeper dive of self discovery. This led her to study a variety of natural health modalities, to discover the amazing healing capacities of the body, and later find the incredible world of Access Consciousness.

What if this whole time you knew of the capacities in your own body but did not know how to unlock them? Have you always wondered or known there is something more possible with your body?

On March 11th, explore the Magic with Bodies with Venus Castleberg and Sarah Andros on Outside the Impossible. Hear Sarah’s story, learn about some life changing body processes, and more at 12 p.m. PST / 3 p.m. EST on March 11th, 2019 on OmTimes Radio.

Would you like to have more ease and joy in your body? To Connect with Sarah Andros or find out more about her please go to

Receiving the Impossible

Receiving the Impossible

March 4, 2019

Receiving the Impossible

Aired Monday, 4 March 2019, 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM PST

What is receiving to you? Have you been putting your dreams out to the universe and not gotten anything back? Do you know that most of the time you’re not getting what you asked for because you’re not willing to receive it? Have you bought the lie that the universe doesn’t desire to gift to you or you’re not deserving to receive its’ gifts? What if you received everything with no point of view, even what you consider to be the good, the bad, and the ugly of the world? What if the universe is constantly conspiring in your favor?

Join Venus Castleberg on Monday, March 4th, 2019 for the 4th installment of “Outside the Impossible” where she will be exploring the ever-growing topic of receiving. For Venus, receiving is an ongoing experience. “I always have to increase my receiving,” she said during an interview. “Turn the molecules of receiving on and up!” Have you ever noticed that when you start to get close to someone and they start to push at your comfort zone, you instantly want to contract and create comfortable distance between the two of you? You construct different walls and barriers to try and push them away. What if it didn’t have to be like this? What if you could receive from them and not create this distance? Explore breaking free from comfortable distance, increasing your receiving and more with Venus Castleberg on Monday, March 4th, 2019 at 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM PST on OmTimes Radio.

Venus Castleberg - Actualizing the Impossible

Venus Castleberg - Actualizing the Impossible

February 25, 2019

Actualizing the Impossible

Aired Monday, 25 February 2019, 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM PST

Have you bought the lie that in order for your dreams to actualize, it has to be a hard painstaking journey? Do you feel that you have to carry a 100 pound weight tied to your ankles down the path to actualizing your dreams? What if you didn’t? What if it was a choice to carry the weight and make your dreams hard to obtain? Would it be a kindness to you and your body if you left it behind and gave it up? With or without realizing it, many of our dreams and targets have come to fruition. However, often times we don’t want to see it or acknowledge it. For example, imagine you’re a student taking an entrance exam to your dream school. You study and study but still see the road to admission as hard and challenging. Finally, after weeks of preparation (and many cups of coffee and all-nighters), exam day comes. You sit at the desk with 100 other students around. The instructor gives the signal to begin and the sound of pencil hitting paper fills the room. After a few hours, your nails are chewed to the beds and the instructor takes everyone’s tests.

A week passes and you finally get the result. “Congratulations! You have made it in… barely. You got an 80% and did not receive any scholarships. See you in the fall!” Instead of celebrating your achievement, you ponder and beat yourself up for not getting a higher score. “A lot of times we forget about the things we have actualized and then we don’t have gratitude for what we have already created,” Venus explains. “The gratitude creates the momentum for us to create more and greater as long as we still are acknowledging what we have created.” What dreams have you deemed as an impossible, improbable reality? Do you have difficulty seeing your dreams come to fruition? What could be created if you just acknowledged what you have already created and actualized? Join Venus in the 3rd episode of Outside the Impossible on Monday, February 25, 2019 on OmTimes Radio. She will use dynamic tools to explore what is possible when we actualize and acknowledge dreams that have already been created to attract more.

Do you have questions for Venus? Are you getting stuck during the episode or need some help getting out of the rabbit hole? While she can create an hour’s worth of content, the listeners are the ones who can truly create the show! So, don’t forget to call the phone number when it is announced during Outside the Impossible and talk to Venus, on air!

Clearing the Road to the Impossible

Clearing the Road to the Impossible

February 18, 2019

Clearing the Road to the Impossible

Aired Monday, 18 February 2019, 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM PST

What if getting to what you have deemed as impossible, implausible, and far too creative for this reality, is actually possible? Imagine walking into a lush jungle. Leaves rustle above your head in the light breeze and twigs snap beneath the soles of your shoes. Croaks of frogs are mixed with the caws or birds. It feels like something is telling you to not enter. Maybe it is the broken down beware signs that peek out from behind vines. The ones that say, “Road to Limitation, keep out,” or “Beware this path of contraction.” However, they seem to slip your vision as the jungle, in all of its seeming beauty, envelopes you. Within moments, it feels as though vines grasp at your arms and legs, ceasing all movement. The green whips begin to move and contort your body to their every whim. You look behind your shoulder for sweet escape and instead see a carpet of jungle snakes. Vines creep up your neck and force you to look forward. Snakes and spiders litter the floor, hissing and snapping but you are forced to march on in this reality. It feels as if you have an illusion of choice and go day by day, doing the same thing, over and over again. Eat. Sleep. Breathe. Work hard. Have a hard life. Repeat. However, what happens when life doesn’t have to be as hard as it appears to be? What if it really is as simple as a choice?

What if through the use of some very pragmatic, life changing tools of Access Consciousness you could free yourself from the vines and bonds of this reality?

Finally, you escape the vines’ grasp and run until you hit a 100,000 feet tall boulder. It looks nearly impossible to get over without a struggle. But, what if you didn’t have to struggle and survive but you could have ease and thrive? What would it take to clear the road to impossible and suddenly make not only possible, but probable too? What if it really was as simple as asking questions to clear away the jungles that hold you back from the “impossible”?

You begin to ponder and ask questions, wondering how to get past this giant rock when it suddenly explodes. Salt and pepper colored glitter litters the ground. With complete ease, you walk through the piles and the jungle opens into a glade full of beautiful colorful flowers that dust the green, sun kissed opening. You are free!

Would you like to explore Outside the Impossible, where everything is possible with Venus Castleberg? On Monday, February 18th at 3pm EST/12pm PST we will dive in to Clearing the Road to the Impossible.