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Sarah Grandinetti - What If Parenting Could Be Fun?

May 27, 2020

Sarah Grandinetti – What If Parenting Could Be Fun?

Aired Wednesday, May 27, 2020 at 1:00 PM PST / 4:00 PM EST

It was when I turned 40 that I began to think maybe being a mom was not in the cards for me.

Part of me was relieved and another part of me wondered if I had missed out on something.

Then 5 years later I found myself in a partnership with a man that had a teenage daughter.

I remember when we first met and how much we liked each other. She is such a sweet girl after all and curious about everything. I guess in a way I felt I had something I could contribute.

Then we all did what most people do at some point in their relationship, we moved in together. That’s when things went a little south.

We began playing out these rolls that we thought we were supposed to do. I became my dad at times trying to control her choices in an effort to protect her from herself.

She became a little defiant and resistant to those around her. Who could blame her. I had turned into my controlling dad!

Well fortunately we had the tools of Access Consciousness to help us choose something different. We realized we did not like the rolls we were playing out and desired to be friends instead.

With Sarah contribution we realized we could actually enjoy each other in the little time we have left together before this sweet girl leaves for college.

Did you know parenting could actually be fun, if you let it be?

Sarah Grandinetti knows something about parenting. International speaker, Access Consciousness certified facilitator and mother of four, she inspires audiences all over the world to choose more and actualize their dreams.

Never desiring to limit herself, Sarah is also the owner of Salon Mix, a celebrity hair salon, and founder of Being You, Being with Them, a monthly membership group or parents (and everyone else) are inspired by tools, talks and a tribe of like – minded people to create greater relationships with the young people in their lives.

Whether presenting to an audience, teaching classes or working one on one In a deep-dive session, Sarah offers a rare combination of humor, warmth and insight that invites people to feel empowered, release limitations and truly BE themselves.

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