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You’re Not Broken, You’re Blessed | EagleSpirit

May 14, 2015

Aired Thursday, 14 May 2015, 3:00 PM ET

In times of great turmoil and stress across the globe, empaths and sensitives are blasted with the complications of daily life at home which is then compounded with the fragments of energy and vibration from outside sources that are uncontrollably floating in the psychic atmosphere.

The latest earthquakes in Nepal and at the base of Mt. Everest sent out a shock-wave of loaded cosmic distress signals, causing those of us who have the world on an HD setting to stumble back and lose some equanimity. Because these events happened around Earth Day and then Mothers Day — it really knocked some of us over.

Original plans to air a show about Conscious Commerce were canceled at the last minute due to unscheduled meetings for the intended guests, giving Radio Nahmaste the opportunity to ask EagleSpirit to step in and make some sense of the density in the hearts and centers of so many recent subscribers.

Lucky for us, she agreed to help us navigate the over load in our emotional matrix.

Contemporary Shaman: EagleSpirit is a calm, grounding voice in the midst of the swirling dust and chaos. A rare, authentic, and gifted healer who teaches a revolutionary and very relevant seminar series for Empaths and other awesome humans with genuine, positive results.

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