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Your Life As Your Business

April 15, 2019

Your Life As Your Business

Aired Monday, 15 April 2019, 4:00 PM ET

So what if our main business is taking care of our well being no matter what we are doing? What contribution to us and all around us we are if we take care that we are energized in whatever we do? And what can YOU be and do to create more ease and joy with that! Join Eva Ferjan to talk about your life as your business on this week’s show!

Host Bio

Psychologist, business trainer & coach with 16 years of experience in facilitating business workshops, outdoor experiential team building programmes, team coaching & life Coaching. She is a Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and Advanced Joy of Business Facilitator. Now beside all other workshops and coaching she is facilitating Joy of business classes & Business Done Different classes.