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Whole-Hearted Parenting with Joshua Freedman

February 25, 2016

Whole-Hearted Parenting: How to Use Emotional Intelligence to Create More Peace, Collaboration and Joy with Joshua Freedman, CEO of

Aired Thursday, 25 February 2016, 7:00 PM ET

Parenting is a delight—except when it’s not! We’ve all experienced those moments of “emotional idiocy” when we over-react or miss important clues… How can we be more intelligent with our own emotions and our children’s? And how can we teach them the essential skills to be more aware, intentional and purposeful?

It is no secret; parents are more stressed out than ever before as the demands of two-parent working families, single parent working families and the complex social environments test even the steadiest of parents. Through a series of personal essays and examples, this practical and inspiring new book shows how parents can use the time-tested methods of emotional intelligence to navigate the strong emotional waters of parenthood. This book is less an advice manual and more of a helpful companion and friendly storyteller for parents seeking a better way to raise their children.

About the Guest Joshua Freedman

Joshua Freedman is the author of five books about using emotional intelligence at work, school and in life, including the international best-seller, At the Heart of Leadership: How to Get Results with Emotional Intelligence. Freedman was born in Berkeley, California and attended the Head-Royce School in Oakland. After a stint at the University of Toronto, he graduated from the World Arts and Culture program at UCLA and went on to work at the Nueva Learning Center in California in the early 1990s. While there he worked with the emotional intelligence focused “Self Science” curriculum developed at the school. Now Freedman leads the world’s largest network of emotional intelligence practitioners and researchers.

Six Seconds has offices and representatives in over 25 countries. Freedman has coauthored six validated psychometric assessments for adults, children, businesses and schools, and trained thousands of professionals to use these methods to create positive change. Joshua Freedman is one of a handful of experts in the world with over a decade of full-time experience in the emerging field of EQ.