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What’s Balance Got To Do With It? - Dr.Erin Oksol and Lily Ahonen

July 6, 2020

What’s Balance Got To Do With It?

Beyond The Chapter Interview Series – Dr.Erin Oksol and Lily Ahonen

Aired Monday, July 6, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST

Is balance actually achievable in our world today?

If we all want to be happy, and happiness is our focus,what’s balance got to do with it?

The answer is—well, everything!

What is balance?

Can people actually achieve balance in our world today?

Too often in society, we hear each other say:

I am too busy… I don’t have enough… I don’t have time to…

Achieving balance is a whole life-shift from your core beliefs to implementing your goals into your daily life.

Award winning publisher, Heather Andrews brings us yet again another valuable self growth and self development book, What’s Balance Got To Do With It?, which can help us redefine our perspective on balance using tools, mindset tips, and lessons learned.

11 authors share with you their individual journeys and tell their real stories about the chaos, pivoting point, and creating their own unique balance to suit their life.

What could balance look like for you?

Light On Living is happy to bring you the opportunity to go beyond the chapter with some of these very authors. Their goals is to encourage a belief in achieving the right balance for you .

Join us every 1st and 3rd Monday in July and August at 12pm EST July 6th.

“Pleasing others can easily take over and derail you completely”~Dr.Erin Oksol

“I became my own hero Changing my own life through healthy boundaries”~Lily Ahonen

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