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What Are You Creating For?

November 11, 2019

What Are You Creating For?

Aired Monday, November 11, 2019 at 1:00 PM PST / 4:00 PM EST

What are you creating for is it to prove you can or because you know something far greater is possible? Melanie Meade and Sue Cotter explore the adventure of creating and the future you know is possible with the choices you are willing to make when you choose for you.

Guest Bios:

Melanie Meade is a business and life mentor, entrepreneur, social media specialist, and habitual happy person.

Melanie is a Managing Director of Access Consciousness International and is the Head of European Social Media for Access Consciousness®, a set of life-changing techniques and tools currently facilitated in more than 170 countries. She is an Advanced Joy of Business certified facilitator and a certified Access Consciousness® facilitator.

Exuding a natural warmth, honesty and practicality, Melanie is renowned for her ability to quickly identify latent potential in her clients’ businesses and lives, and facilitate profound and lasting change. Her coaching style is practical, thought-provoking and empowering, and she is sought after for her innovative insights and her innate ability to capture and illuminate others’ brilliance. Based in Ireland, she facilitates workshops and classes all over the world. Find out more at:

Sue Cotter is an Access Consciousnesses Bars & Body Facilitator, a Be Your Difference Coach, Body Communicator, Possibilities Coach, Reiki Practitioner and a qualified PT.

You are truly a powerful, magical being and a precious gift! Sue invites to a life without the weight of judgement, trauma and pain with her extensive repertoire of training Sue Cotter has a holistic approach to empowerment and to be your difference.