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Unveiling The Gem Under All Wounds

May 20, 2020

Unveiling The Gem Under All Wounds

Aired Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST

There is suffering that can be transformed and the gem of freedom from suffering is already in us under all our wounds.

The freedom of living your true uniqueness and embracing the uniqueness of others is so bright and yours to experience.

Uniqueness is what catches our attention, piques our curiosity, and offers the opportunity to expand. This uniqueness is in us all, ourselves and others.

What does it take to be self- interested and interested in others?

How can we soften our hearts and open them to the light, to love?

Today Noemi Grace offers the channeled answers from the Divine as both Noemi and Lisa give the support for the courage and the guidance needed to unveil the gems under all wounds. It’s time to heal and experience life living as truly unique as we all are. Accepted, loved and united.


Today is the last radio show for Access To Angels And Grace as Noemi and Lisa pause to prepare for their upcoming course: Learning How to Access Your Intuition and invite you to stay connected with them.

Get on the list to reserve your unique spot and learn how to listen to the messages that Source has for you!

Go to Access To Angels And Grace fb Page and private message OR Email OR connect with either Noemi or Lisa on fb.

In the meantime, reading Noemi’s 1st book, An Intimate Dialogue With God: The Miraculous Power Of Unconditional Self Love, can be purchased on Amazon and used as a guide to prepare you for every magical day.

See you next week for our final fb live on at 12pm EST.

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