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Understanding the Process of Creation not Manifestation

April 6, 2021

Understanding the Process of Creation not Manifestation

Air Date: Tuesday, 6 April 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PT

Creation is not what you have been told it was.

It is not a moment in time

it is not an active will or intention

it is not accidental or happenstance

It is the appearing of the timeless

Creation is the most elemental act of Genuine self-love.

In fact, it is emanating from its source every single moment.

But, in order to consciously surrender to and participate in this ever unfolding mystery, you have to understand how the whole process works.

We Have to Understand the nature of Perception, Creation and Reality

Perception is our experience and it is shaped by your 4 AMAZING POWERS OF CREATION

Join us as master spiritual teacher, GP Walsh, and Student and host Lisa Berry explore the 4 powers of creation in the next few episodes of The Flow Of Enlightenment Tuesday’s at 1pm EST.

* Attention

* Belief

* Identity and

* Discrimination

Understand these for powers and you will become one with the Toa, The flow of life throughout the Universe.

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