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Transformation 101: Love and Fear

March 10, 2020

Transformation 101: Love and Fear

Aired Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST

This week, let’s get back to basics. First off, all transformation is an inside job. Personal growth takes place at the level of the mind; this in fact applies to all growth.

Join me over the next three weeks for Transformation 101. We will cover some of the basics of personal growth and spirituality, for in case you were wondering, they are one and the same. Transformation takes place at the spiritual level.

We begin with love and fear. People have many labels for feelings and emotions, all of them with different levels and gradients, all separated and subdivided into different categories for our analysis, discussion, and ultimately confusion. You heard that right: our confusion. In truth there are only two emotions: love and fear. Every label that we use—such as anger, joy, frustration, lightheartedness, etc.—belongs to one of these two categories.

We are all talking to ourselves constantly, hearing and participating in a dialogue. There is always a voice in your head. No, you are not crazy, unless of course you listen to the voice of fear. When you do that, you keep yourself stuck and small, you experience fear’s manifestations—you get frustrated, sad, etc.

The alternative is to listen to the voice of love. This helps you go big in life, experiencing relief, lightheartedness, happiness, and a sense of purpose. This is the voice to listen to.

Fear keeps us from moving. Love impels it; it is extension. Every moment of every day we have a choice: love or fear, and which we choose determines the course of our life. Have you chosen wrongly in the past? No worries—we all have. Right now, in this moment, we get to choose again.

Let it be empowering to you that you can choose. Plug into love. Call it God, Source, whatever. This is your power. Tap into it. Thrive.

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