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Training For Your Awakening

January 12, 2021

Training For Your Awakening

Air Date: 12 January 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PT

What is awakening?

It is a popular word these days but for me it has a very specific meaning. It means you have had at least a glimpse of your true nature and that you are not all the conditioned responses of the nervous system.

Even a glimpse of this, even hearing such a thing it resonating with you is the awakening. No, you are not yet a Buddha but you have entered the path.

Lisa Berry, my producer, and I thought we should dedicate a show on “The Flow of Enlightenment” to exploring what awakening is, when it means, how to recognize that you have had at least an experience of it, and perhaps discover how we can consciously participate in bringing that initial glimpse to a full blown realization.

So we will be taking up a bunch of questions:
What is an awakening?
Have I already had one and don’t know it?
What to do after an awakening?
Do self-techniques like EFT aid in awakening or afterwards
Is it totally an accident or can I somehow make it happen?
Is it scary?
In the East people are prepared for it, they train for it in a way
If I awaken will I fall back asleep
I am awake (I think) now what?

I will try to demystify this whole thing for you and give you some simple tings you can do to help things along.

Enlightenment is a divine accident. But there are ways to become more accident prone.

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