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Thru the Lens of a Shamanic Healer

January 22, 2017

Aired Sunday, 22 January 2017, 2:00 PM ET

This Sunday we talk with Tina D’Amore as she has traveled thru many spiritual challenges including Lyme disease and several NDE to reach her soul path today as shaman and healer.

About the Guest Tina D’Amore

I was a sensitive child at a very early age, I found that I could “hear” animals, the wind and the trees speaking… and it surprised me that others could not. At the age of nine, I recognized that I held some healing abilities when I comforted my step-brother, who was sick with a cough and fever. I instinctively put my hand on his upper back and said, “There’s a lot of stuff in your lungs.” He was diagnosed with pneumonia the next day and thankfully, returned to health.

I eventually became a public school teacher for young children. After several years in the school system, the Spirit World decided it was time for me to truly pay attention to my Path. I suffered a long, seemingly insurmountable illness. I have not only survived near-death experiences but also feel that I am no longer the person I was before. I see how precious life is and that every moment has the potential to be a miraculous one. This is something I share with each client that comes to me for assistance. I feel especially called to assist those dealing with acute or chronic illness, whether they are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature.

I have been trained by those who teach Core Shamanism in North America as well as those who have been trained by indigenous people in other continents. Yet, the commonality of all shamanic societies is our Ancestors. I connect to this Sacred Land we inhabit now, whose Ancestors are the Native People in Maine. In this way, I honor the many ways of holding Ceremony, including traditional Native Ceremony and other ways I have been taught along my Path.

I am currently a writer and artist, a Shamanic Healer and Teacher, a Reiki Master Teacher and a Certified Sound Healer. I honor performing ceremony for people, children, animals and land, whether in person or long-distance.

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