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There Is A Place For You In The World

May 1, 2017

Aired Monday, 1 May 2017, 4:00 PM ET

There Is A Place For You In The World

In this episode, Delany Delaney, a Joy of Business Facilitator, is joined Glen Sheppard and Melanie Meade. Three very different people with very different reasons as to why the should not have been able to create a difference, yet now use that difference to create more in the world. Many people cannot see how they can create something greater in the world, rather than making your difference wrong, would you be willing to embrace it and use that difference to create the world you would like to live in?

Guest Bios:

Delany Delaney has a long history of being a gifted communicator who opens up possibilities for many people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and abilities. Her work now allows her to travel internationally sharing her knowledge on communication, disability, diversity and self-esteem. Delany is a teacher, facilitator, singer/songwriter, performer, event creator and business woman. She has a great enthusiasm for life and is looking to create a more inclusive world where everyone’s unique talents flourish.

Glen Sheppard is diagnosed with high level Autism and Down’s Syndrome. Glen is a published author, poet, song writer and facilitates classes on personal empowerment and is also completing a University Degree. He has created a life far beyond what most people would consider possible for someone with these diagnosis. Glen is insightful, generous and has a wonderful sense of humour that he brings to everything he does. He is looking to create dynamic change in the world by empowering people to trust their own abilities.

Realising an ordinary life was not always going to work for her, Melanie is on a journey of what else is truly possible. Never good at the order of life Melanie breaks boundaries as an out of the box thinker. Her journey has taken her from a Local Government Law Office and into the arena of personal development and international communications and marking roles working alongside like-minded and inspiring game changers who are spreading their message worldwide.

Melanie is also a #1 best selling author sharing her unique perspective on the way she sees the world. Melanie invites you to a life where you have the simplicity and gentleness that change can be. Where the ease of creating is second nature and where you get to be the magic of you, whether anyone sees it or not. What if you life could be bigger than you’ve ever imagined?