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The White Light Express || Angelic Conspiracy

February 20, 2015

Aired Thursday, 19 February 2015, 3:00 PM ET

Radio Nahmaste host Sarah Nash and her featured guest, Dena Anderson, co- facilitate the The White Light Express: a NON Denominational & Interfaith group dedicated to the idea that focusing thoughtful, favorable energy on a specific subject or subjects will promote unequivocal change for a positive outcome. The mission of the White Light Express is to offer pure, energetic assistance — for those who ask — through focused intention, meditation and prayer during a specific period each month. Sarah, Dena and the Guardians of the Grid believe that “holding the vibration” is an important part of their divine calling to raise consciousness and enlighten humanity. This show highlights the unique history of the WLE and why it’s being called “The Angelic Conspiracy”. Stay tuned and listen in for revelations regarding ancient secret agendas and motives by rebellious angels determined to help us at all costs!

About Guest Dena Anderson

Dena Anderson is a single mother of two beautiful old souls and three cats. She is a peaceful Tibetan Buddhist, Certified Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Crystal Healer walking her Bodhisattva Vow with integrity and grace. When she is not healing others you can find her writing, crafting jewelry and working at other creative endeavors. Her firm belief that we all have a purpose on this planet and that every life has meaning is at the foundation of her desire to enlighten through faith, focus and meditation. Her dedication to manifesting a miraculous healing result during a life threatening cancer crisis provided a way for her to channel a powerful, enhanced reiki system for the new age — Quantum Light Reiki™ — with Sarah Nash. Workshops are planned for Autumn 2016.

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