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The Transfiguration of Our World with Gordon Asher Davidson

June 28, 2015

Aired Sunday, 28 June 2015, 9:00 PM ET

Why is the world in such a state of upheaval today? Who or what is causing it, and where is humanity headed? Will life on planet earth get worst? Or, will it get better? Is there a higher plan for Earth that is unfolding right now before our very eyes?

Gordon Asher Davidson, author of The Transfiguration Of Our World: How a Light Alliance Is Transforming Darkness and Creating a New Earth will share insights from his years of deep meditation and answer these questions and many more.

John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, says this about Gordon’s book…“An inspiring and positive vision which reveals what’s really going on today behind the scene, and how we can integrate new spiritual approaches to create the future we all long for in our hearts.”

Join Sylvia and Gordon for a fascinating and thought provoking conversation about an ancient struggle between the forces of Light and darkness on our planet and what you can do to bring more light to our beautiful Planet Earth.

About Guest Gordon Asher Davidson

Gordon Asher Davidson has a long career of active leadership in social change institutions and movements, while simultaneously pursuing a deep, inner meditative life culminating in his book, The Transfiguration of Our World: How a Light Alliance Is Transforming Darkness and Creating a New Earth.

Gordon’s experience includes co-authoring with his wife, Corinne McLaughlin, The Practical Visionary and Spiritual Politics (forward by the Dalai Lama); co-founding Sirius, a spiritual/environmental community; serving as founding Director of the Social Investment Forum; founding and co-directing a Washington D.C. institute, the Center for Visionary Leadership; and offering many clients worldwide deep spiritual guidance and transformational consulting for over 20 years.

Gordon has maintained a 20-year meditative practice and contacts with spiritual beings in the inner worlds who are guiding human evolution. In his new book, The Transfiguration of Our World, he illuminates what is occurring today from the perspective of the higher spiritual intelligences who are inspiring and supporting humanity’s evolution into greater compassion and understanding.

Gordon provides a vision of humanity co-creating with Masters and galactic civilizations who are assisting the transfiguration of all life on Earth through shared purpose, love and boundless creativity with humanity and all dimensions of life.

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