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The Respectable Citizen

June 15, 2022

The Respectable Citizen

Air Date: Wednesday, 15 June 2022 at 5:00 PM ET/2:00 PM PT

This week on Expedition Self, we’re exploring what it means to be ‘The Respectable Citizen’.

How fiercely does your heart beat, how intensely does your mind thrum, how passionate is your resolve to improve the quality of all life?

This week on Expedition Self, Sam will be discussing this idea of citizenship and how our perception of involvement, inclusion, and contribution influences the depth and nature of our connection.

What is happening in society NOW that calls you to ‘up your game’? How does your ‘way of BEING’ hesitate and resist engaging more powerfully in this epically massive conversation?

You are a presence! … a person who walks on this planet taking advantage of its many resources. You also play an essential part within social structures, foundational government, and your cultural environment.

It is time to revisit and rethink your position, your place, and your stand!

We dwellers of Earth – of humankind, require food, drink, shelter, and social circles, medical care, economies to nourish us. These life-sustaining requirements are less burdensome when carried by the larger community.

From the protection we derive through our aligned purpose, through the collective potency brought to bear in response to the meeting of shared needs, and because of the organizations established to administer all of it, we are inescapably tied to living in both our everyday lives and that of the WHOLE.

How we do it is determined entirely by you. And me. And all of us.

Listen in, question and reflect on how you DO CITIZENSHIP. Our world needs more engaged, mighty, and committed hearts if we are to walk into a new, more humane future.

Sam invites you to CALL IN and CHAT LIVE about the ‘The Respectable Citizen’ to further the conversation. Ask questions. Share experiences. This could be the hour that moves you one step further on your growth and development journey.

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You won’t want to miss being an ‘ON AIR’ participant of Expedition Self. Sam will provide real insight, understanding and offer an opportunity to connect a ‘NEW way of thinking’ to ‘YOUR way of thinking’.

Each week Sam discusses a different and highly accessible aspect of life helping you to build a stronger, deeper relationship with the inner Self so you can become more and more WHOLE.

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