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The Re-Enchantment: A Shamanic Path To A Life Of Wonder

June 18, 2020

The Re-Enchantment: A Shamanic Path To A Life Of Wonder

Aired Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 4:00 PM PST / 7:00 PM EST

At a time when our scientific understanding of the universe has never been greater, why do so many people feel disenchanted and alienated?

This week’s guest, Research Paleoanthropologist, Shamanic practitioner, teacher, and bestselling author, Dr. Hank Wesselman, is not the only person to observe that our search for objective knowledge has come at the cost of a deeper, intuitive rapport with nature and our spiritual selves. What we need now, he says, is a “re-enchantment”―a way to renew our relationship with nature, reawaken to spiritual reality, and reclaim the sense of connection and hope that gives meaning to our lives.

DR. HANK WESSELMAN joins Sandie Sedgbeer this week on What is Going Om to explain why so many people are feeling a profound sense of disenchantment, and discuss the compelling blueprint for the emerging transformational spirituality that he shares in his new book, The Re-Enchantment: A Shamanic Path to a Life of Wonder.

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