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The Process of Ascension

July 8, 2015

Aired Wednesday, 8 July 2015, 8:00 PM ET

We hear that term a lot, “ascension”, and it means a lot of things to a lot of folks. More than likely, it is a term we all would like to ascribe to ourSelves, no? Let’s examine what is involved, how to tell whether one is ascending or not, and where to go from here.

About Immersion into Source

Immersion with Source is a delicate yet extremely powerful energetic blessing directed and guided by Source. Healings are always sent with love for the soul’s highest and best good; directed by Source and our own intuitive knowledge, the energy will address what is needed most at that moment, be it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.* There is a natural flow as known and unknown aspects of Self are affected. Negative energy is released and replaced with positive energy, love, and joy. Participants have noticed that the results appear to build on themselves, so joining regularly will increase the benefits.