The Planets This Week: February 12, 2018

February 12, 2018

Aired Monday, 12 February 2018, 9:00 PM ET

The Planets This Week: February 12, 2018

What do the planets have in store for this week? Well… the big news of the week, month and year is the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on February 15th. This eclipse is part of a series of eclipses that started at the beginning of 2017. Two weeks after 2018’s first Lunar Eclipse in Leo comes the first Solar Eclipse at 27 degrees Aquarius. Considering that Solar Eclipses bring about radical change, the fact that this is in the sign of rebellion and progress amplifies the possibilities. Aquarius isn’t one for gradual change or for asking permission from superiors. Aquarius desires what’s good for everyone – whether they know it or not yet. With both the Sun and Moon in Aquarius, this Solar Eclipse may bring sudden, unexpected, and radical changes, particularly on a national or even global scale.

What can you expect from this Solar Eclipse? Nothing short of the unexpected. Chances are, most of the changes will be pleasant or at least neutral, but if you have planets or angles in the fixed signs, you may be profoundly affected in one way or another. Those who wish to maintain the establishment may have the worst of it, and those who thirst for change may feel as if this is jagged blessing from the universe.

Also, this week, communication planet Mercury moves into Pisces where it will be until March 5th. Our intuitive powers are strong, while our rational mind might be on hiatus. We’re in touch with the big picture and higher vision, but the details of daily life escape us. Miscommunications and misunderstandings are possible, as we lose focus and it becomes more difficult to tell the difference between dreams and reality.

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