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The Planets This Month: October 2018

October 1, 2018

Aired Monday, 1 October 2018, 9:00 PM ET

The Planets This Month: October 2018

October this year is a time for reflection and repair for most signs. Powerful energies bring forceful opinions and actions to the fore, prompting each of us to figure out how to protect ourselves from such aggression.

Interpersonal relationships are in the spotlight, especially once Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio on October 5th. This is a chance to rekindle old relationships, if desired, or to finally address, confront and heal the issues remaining from previous toxic encounters.

Here’s what each sign can expect this month: Aries relationships and intimacy are your key focus this October. Taurus: there are indications that this month you’re not harnessing your ideas in as practical a manner as normal. Gemini: your confidence levels are high this October, which is good to see. Cancer: adopting a can-do approach will see you safely through October’s variable influences. Leo: success this October is all about getting your message across: being clear in what you want to say and saying it well. Virgo: managing your resources properly – both time and money – is essential as October gets underway. Libra: this month is all about recognising your inherent talents and abilities – and making the most of them! Scorpio: the difficult Mercury-Pluto square on October 2nd prompts some soul searching over how you work with your soul group. Sagittarius: being expected or required to fit in causes you some angst this October, as you would much prefer to go your own way and do your own thing. Capricorn: get set for a hard-working October which should see lots of progress being made towards your professional and personal goals. Aquarius: October looks set to be a very educational month for you, Aquarius. Pisces: October brings mixed fortunes for your sign, Pisces.

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