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The Origins of Humanity & ET Intervention - Part 2 with Paul Wallis

August 11, 2022

The Origins of Humanity & ET Intervention – Part 2 with Paul Wallis

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Speaker, Researcher, former Archdeacon, and best-selling author, Paul Anthony Wallis joins Sandie for part 2 of a special 3-part series of interviews based on his Eden Trilogy, which has been hailed as an extraordinary work of investigation that not only brings much humility and insight to one of the most contaminated fields of enquiry––21st century ufology–– but also provides a solid foundation in understanding humanity’s origins. In this episode we focus on book 2 The Scars of Eden: Has Humanity Confused the Idea of God with Memories of ET Contact, which chronicles Paul Walllis’s travels around the world speaking with renowned researchers, contemporary experiencers, and others from numerous cultures whose ancient mythologies also describe ET intervention.

A senior Churchman who served as a church doctor, a theological educator, and an Archdeacon in the Anglican Church in Australia. He is the author of numerous titles on Christian mysticism and spirituality, Paul Anthony Wallis’s work probes the world’s mythologies for their insights in human origins and human potential.

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