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The Indigo Journals with Yol Swan

February 21, 2016

The Indigo Journals: Spiritual Healing For Indigo Adults & Other Feminine Souls with Yol Swan

Aired Sunday, 21 February 2016, 10:00 PM ET

Unlock Your Hidden Feminine Power To Bring Balance To an Overly Masculine World. Are You Highly Sensitive, Creative and Empathic or Feel Out of Place? You May Be an Indigo Adult In Need of Spiritual Healing To Embrace Your Divine Difference! Why do some people feel disempowered and disconnected in a world they deem utterly absurd? This is what spiritual counselor and coach Yol Swan kept asking herself through more than 30 years exploring the psychological and spiritual aspects of the mind. In her new book, The Indigo Journals: Spiritual Healing For Indigo Adults & Other Feminine Souls, she shares her story and practical system of spiritual healing with a variety of tools to help the sensitive, empathic soul types who feel hurt and out of place, yearning for emotional freedom and a sense of purpose. Swan felt different, like a stranger in a strange land most of her life, even after many years in psychotherapy and on the spiritual path, personally guided by enlightened teachers from both Buddhist and Hindu traditions.

When she finally understood that she was an Indigo adult giving individual expression to the wounded Feminine on the planet, she also recognized that some of her counseling clients were Indigo adults while most shared Indigo traits but lacked certain key features. This led her to a deeper exploration of the soul and the discovery of a Feminine-Masculine Soul Spectrum that explains essential differences between the many soul types inhabiting the Earth as well as the extreme polarization resulting from them. Rather than focusing on the color of the aura, which isn’t fixed, she classifies Indigos as feminine souls with certain masculine aspects who can be placed toward the middle of this Spectrum, representing the indomitable creative impulse of the Divine Feminine. She explains the warrior-type, goal-oriented characteristics that distinguish Indigos while exploring in detail the receptive, sensitive, empathic, and intuitive qualities they share with other feminine souls.

“Most people have heard of Indigo children,” Swan says, “but Indigos come in all ages and personalities, and often live despairing lives along with those who cannot accept the prevalent lack of love on the planet. Some of these empathic visionaries are planting seeds for a better future, but most feel alone and hurt, and remain unaware of the extraordinary power they possess. The Indigo Journals provides a road map to help them embrace who they are and bring forth their unique gifts to balance an overly masculine and materialistic world.”

After sharing her personal journey, messages channeled in her journals since adolescence, and cosmic memories of Atlantis, Swan examines the dynamics that distort the creative power of the Feminine and encourages feminine souls to embody a healthy Indigo archetype to develop emotional and spiritual freedom. For this she provides deep insights and step-by-step guidance to integrate the Feminine and Masculine within the body-mindsoul- Consciousness continuum.

Since the Feminine has become increasingly wounded, healing the feminine soul requires great self-awareness, self-discipline, and creative focus to transcend the negative tendencies and karmic ties we’ve accumulated, both individually and collectively. Instead of trying to heal through relationships or external validation, simply reaffirming codependent patterns and giving away our power, Swan gives us the tools to release both recent traumas and those imprinted in our DNA, to embrace our divine differences and take full spiritual responsibility for our experience by mastering the aspects of the mind that shape our perception and create our reality—our personalized life-movie.

Although centered around the wounded Feminine and Indigo archetype, this book offers an in-depth exploration of the soul and a practical spiritual healing system that can benefit anyone willing to look within, to harness their inner power and nurture a more feminine, soul-guided, 5th-dimensional experience of life.

About the Author Yol Swan

Yol Swan is a spiritual counselor and coach with degrees in English literature, music and homeopathy who has taken the understanding of the soul and the wounded Feminine to new cosmic depths in her new book, The Indigo Journals: Spiritual Healing For Indigo Adults & Other Feminine Souls. Born in Mexico to intellectual parents and surrounded by a blend of Shamanic cultures, she is a modern seer who perceives life as energy and is highly sensitive to other dimensions. She began channeling spiritual messages in her teens and later spent many years in psychoanalysis, which launched her into a deep exploration of Divine Consciousness during a 3-year retreat in almost complete isolation. First initiated as a Buddhist nun by a liberated master from Thailand and then into a path of meditation and mantra by enlightened Hindu teachers, her life is filled with mystical experiences, unusual encounters, and profound insights into the power and workings of the mind.

A painful divorce brought up memories of Atlantis and revelations of the distorted Feminine, as well as the recognition of being an Indigo adult. This led her to a deeper exploration of the soul and a soul typology based on the cosmic interplay of the Feminine and Masculine, raising a new paradigm to explain essential differences between humans and the polarized world resulting from them.

With a practical system of spiritual healing and energy management developed over more than 30 years, she helps clients around the world to create an empowering life or business they love, in alignment with their soul. She currently lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

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