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The Highest Good with Tony Burroughs

January 13, 2016

Aired Wednesday, 13 January 2016, 12:00 PM ET

Could 2016 be a transformational year, both personally and globally? Is it time to move from self consciousness to whole consciousness? Tony Burroughs has been showing us the art of intedning for years, what do we need to know now to make our intentions as powerful as possible? And how do we widen our scope to create the highest good for all? Join us for an inspiring conversation on the power of our intent with best selling author, Tony Burroughs.

About the Guest Tony Burroughs

Tony Burroughs is the author of the bestselling Get What You Want: The Art of Making and Manifesting Your Intentions and cofounder of The Intenders of the Highest Good, a community movement with Intenders Circles in countries all over the world. He is also the author of the popular daily email messages “The Bridge”.