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The Earth Angel Training Academy with Michelle Gordon

May 8, 2016

Aired Sunday, 8 May 2016, 10:00 PM ET

The United Kingdom’s Michelle Gordon sits down for an exclusive interview to share the five-year release of her popular book The Earth Angel Training Academy, how you can be a part of her forthcoming North American Tour this May-June, the online version of The Earth Angel Training Academy, the impact that Doreen Virtue and Neale Donald Walsch had on her writing and on her career, how your angels can help you heal your emotions, why Earth Angels need to answer the call to fulfill their mission and purpose now more than ever now on this planet, how she has been able to succeed as an independent writer and publisher, plus a sneak peek on her other books and what she has in the works for 2016 and beyond.

About the Author Michelle Gordon

Michelle has been writing about the spiritual realm for twenty years. It started with poetry and short stories about ghosts and life after death, and has grown to novels about Angels and Faeries, alternate dimensions and parallel universes. Five years ago, Michelle published her first novel in the Earth Angel series – The Earth Angel Training Academy. There are now six books in that series, and she has four individual novels in the Visionary Collection.

Michelle is an independent author, and has readers all over the world, many of whom have experienced positive shifts as a result of reading Michelle’s books. She has many more books planned for the future, including a further seven books in the Earth Angel series and a brand new YA trilogy. When not writing, Michelle enjoys running her business, which helps other independent authors to publish their books, and doing oracle and tarot readings. She is very creative, and usually has a craft project or two on the go! She regularly writes her blog and does oracle card readings on her YouTube channel.

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