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The Dr. Kevin Show - Rocky Krogfoss

October 25, 2018

Aired Thursday, 25 October 2018, 6:00 PM ET

The Dr. Kevin Show – Rocky Krogfoss

New Beginnings Therapy Quantum Emotional Healer.

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• My mother and father separated when Rocky was 10 years old. Rocky was the oldest of 5 boys. Rocky became the beaten mother, so to speak. After experiencing a very abusive and violent childhood where a very young boy lived in fear 24 hours a day from a very angry father, and Rocky’s Inner Child became programmed with extensive anger, shame and unworthiness
• At 38, I experienced an devastating emotional breakdown
• That led to a healing journey that clearly showed me how incomplete traditional medicine is and it forced him to seek out alternative healing on a litany of inner child unworthiness beliefs
• I spent 12 years successfully healing very deep wounds with a gifted channeling healer
• I am a Quantum Online Emotional Healing Specialist
• I was guided to research electro-magnetic energy which led to studying Quantum Physics, Biophysics, Epigenetics and Conscious Energy Science
• Rocky devoted himself to effectively implementing the healing wisdom and techniques of new supportive Quantum Sciences merged with The Law of Attraction
• Rocky also offers Online Emotional Energy Healing in the world via ZOOM
• This healing process has been highly successful helping men and women around the world heal all manner of unworthiness and fear issues around physical pain, mental health, and relationship issues; domestic violence / P.T.S.D. – 98% of my clients are women.
• I have always had this natural healing gift of releasing pain from people’s bodies starting out healing migraine headaches in minutes.
• For over 10 years, Rocky taught various Women’s Workshops called “Healing Emotional Baggage Naturally”
• Rocky is a published author of 2 books.
• Rocky is also a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, teacher.

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