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The Christian Mystic

December 22, 2020

The Christian Mystic

Air Date: 22 December 2020 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PT

Everyone in the west has been saddled with the dominant religious theology that says you are a miserable, no account, worthless, sinful basket of unholy desire and you deserve eternal damnation.

Nice! Welcome to the world kid.

Imagine being brought up in a culture that had never heard of:

* The Fall

* Original Sin

* Eternal Damnation

* Hell

* Perpetual Guilt and Shame

Imagine being brought up in a culture, where the central image was not a man being tortured, nailed to a cross and covered in blood, but the image of a deeply peaceful and face with a sweet contented smile.

So is the right response to reject the entire western heritage out of hand? Sorry that is impossible. You might as well try to reject your eye color.

It is so intertwined with our culture… no it IS our culture… its images, its metaphors, its common phrases and references and its underlying view of being a flawed mortal.

So, since we can’t get rid of it, let’s understand it and, in so doing, perhaps we can transform it, redeem it and glean from it what those myths and stories were actually tying to teach us.

Master Spiritual Teacher, GP Walsh, will be sharing some refreshing insights into the real meaning of the cultural myths, stories and metaphors that are at the root or our culture.

This understanding not only liberates you from the terrible suppression that religious beliefs can have but it will awaken you a genuine appreciation for your cultural heritage.

We don’t have to abandon our past and wander like a vagabond. We can redeem our past and find within it golden nuggets of truth and love.

Sign up to receive GP’s Light Letter as he will be talking more about this in subsequent emails but for now he will be kicking off this conversation on our show on Tuesday and then bring it to more depth in the upcoming workshop. Both are called The Christian Mystic and we hope you will listen in.

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