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The Business of Dating

July 4, 2016

Aired Monday, 4 July 2016, 4:00 PM ET

Join Simone Milasas, founder and creator of Joy of Business, as she talks with Katherine McIntosh and Christel Crawford, both Certified Access Consciousness Facilitators and entrepreneurs of magnitude! If you’re looking to create a relationship as something much much greater, listen in for the inside scoop on how to create more joy, play and fun in the business of dating!

What are the ‘rules’ of dating and what if you could do it differently? What would be fun for you? Listen in as Simone, Katherine and Christel tell it like it is and share the tools they’ve used to move beyond what is considered normal in relationship. This is an episode not to miss if you know that more is possible in relationship but aren’t quite sure how to get there!

About the Guests Katherine McIntosh and Christel Crawford

Katherine McIntosh is an International speaker and facilitator on the topics of health, wealth, business, body, consciousness, and living a vibrant lifestyle. She is a Business Wizard and Body Magician who has helped thousands of people monetize and value their genius, including actors, musicians, and 6 & 7 figure business owners. Katherine wrote the foreward for the #1 best seller, The Energy of Expansion, was featured in The Untamed Entrepreneur, and is an author of 2 new books including The Energy of Healing and Creativity! She is the founder of the No Judgment Diet, an International 30 day program that has helped hundreds of people in over 18 different countries get out of judgment with their bodies to create the business and life they love! Her new podcast The Body Knows is a window into accessing the body’s brilliance to create the life you’d like to have. Katherine works with high profile clients & travels the world to energize the areas of their life where something is missing. She is potent, direct, and values every person’s mission on the planet. We are here to shine! Is now the time?

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Christel Crawford travels the world facilitating classes, coaching people & entrepreneurs worldwide. and creating a thriving business. A magnificent creator, Christel empowers and invites her clients to create their lives and business with ease, joy and the creation of income based on the tools of Access Consciousness, their own brilliant awareness, and the success of the creation of her own life and business. Published, writing and ever creating, she lives in Vancouver, near the beach, and if she’s not on or near her laptop, can be found on a massage table, a dance floor, or in a bookstore — exhaling deeply & laughing wildly about something.

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