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The Balance

June 11, 2020

The Balance

How you can balance your being-ness with the doing-ness of business and daily life.

Aired Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 1:00 PM PST / 4:00 PM EST

Your energy and the way that you react, respond and move about your day-to-day lives comes from two places; your doing energy and your being energy.

Left brain. Right brain.
Head. Heart.
Yang. Yin.
Sun. Moon.
Do. Be.

The left, head, yang, sun and do energies give you your logic, thinking, analysis and the act of creation. This is your doing energy.

The right, heart, yin, moon and be energies gives you your intuition, thoughtfulness, transformational capacity and creativity. This is your being energy.

Typically, most of us would consider ourselves to be stronger or more inclined to spend more of our time in either left or right. Over the many years, I have come to see that all entrepreneurs and business owners naturally favour one of these two energies.

Dominant do-ers are usually people focused on activity, productivity, setting goals and working hard at achieving them. They are on a mission to build something and although they will occasionally come across as pushy, they get incredible things done in their business. Decisions are made logically, they spend a lot of time in their heads thinking out solutions and there’s action being taken, all the time. These people love seeing results and they have a driving energy about them when they are focused and on point.

Dominant be-ers are often people tuned into their spirituality, their purpose and what’s within them. They often have a calling to make a difference and although they will occasionally come across as having their head in the clouds, they manifest incredible things from their business as if by magic. Decisions are made intuitively; they spend a lot of their time feeling into their emotions and they often take themselves out of their offices and the busy-ness of life. These people love connecting with the success they create, and they have a magnetic energy about them when they are connected and in flow.

The reality is that making a decision to set up and grow your business using just one energy or the other isn’t going to work long term. I have painted very positive images of both a dominant do-er and dominant be-er. But the reality is often far different.

Dominant do-ers run the risk of being burnt out. Running on adrenaline, the body can’t cope with the stress of ongoing, high powered energy, particularly as you get older and go through menopause (if you are a woman) or andropause (if you are a man). Add to the fact that you’ve probably got other responsibilities outside of your business, such as raising a family or looking after elderly relatives, the amount of stuff that needs doing can reach boiling point.

Dominant be-ers run the risk of losing sight of the realities of life, procrastinating or staying comfortable and safe. Without having some kind of structure or plan to support your creations and growth, you can get overwhelmed with what needs to be done and get frustrated with waiting to be discovered because you find it hard to put yourself out there and promote your offers.

This is why for the being energies of intuition and creativity to take form; you have to have the doing energies of structure and process.

And yet business often only teaches us that success comes from using left energies; logic, thinking, analysis and the act of creation.

Balancing the doing and being of business is what we call your True Profit; the sweet spot of how you use the energies of money, creativity and impact to build a business that allows you thrive, rather than strive.

So, Pennie and Matthew will be discussing the being and doing of building a business, living and balanced life and using both energies to create both balance and success. Hope you can join us as we explore in joy and oneness with both energies that create an extraordinary living experience.

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