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Tara Chatzakis - Happy Inspired Motivated

October 13, 2021

Tara Chatzakis – Happy Inspired Motivated

Air Date: Wednesday, 13 October 2021 at 4:00 PM ET/1:00 PM ET

Tara Chatzakis is an entrepreneur, podcast host, author and a business start-up coach who is passionate about helping women create the confidence, mindset, and know-how to build their own businesses. Tara is here to be your cheerleader, motivator, and butt kicker. Her life purpose is to show the world the best and most effective ways to create whatever they desire using a variety of techniques and processes. Tara’s approach is all inclusive as she believes that there is a way for everyone to become spiritually enlightened and to find the path that will be their life’s passion.

She is a Law of Attraction Practitioner. A member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists and the podcast host of the very popular podcast, Happy Inspired Motivated.

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