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Susan Rowlen - State of Consciousness

October 7, 2021

Susan Rowlen – State of Consciousness

Air Date: Thursday, 7 October 2021 at 3:00 PM ET/12:00 PM PT

Our topic today is state of consciousness and how it is expressed. Do we embody all of the qualities of Divine Source? What is our role as creators? Can consciousness not be expressed? How do we establish ideas and ourselves into the collective consciousness? From a spiritual point of view, what is occurring in the world today? How would we interpret headlines from a spiritual point of view?


Susan Rowlen is a Native Chicagoan, Raised on Chicago’s Northwest side as a child. Susan did not have a conventional childhood. From the age of 6, Spirit singled her out and set in motion her journey to provide healing, clarity and guidance. Blessed with the gifts of seeing the Past, Present and Future, Susan has been in constant contact with spirits, voices and visions in order to help others make sense of their lives. In her early life, Susan chose to use her unique gifts selectively to help those close to her as well as local officials and businesses in need of direction. However, she soon became aware that she possessed rare and valuable gifts which should be used for the greater good. Not only has she used her unique abilities to provide spiritual guidance and healing to people of every age in every walk of life throughout the world, but on a personal level, her gifts also enabled her to defeat her own daughter’s Autism.

As a professional Psychic Medium, Susan uses her abilities to help clients gain deep insights into their life journey and gain spiritual growth, shining light on relationships, love, career, and business.

I’m so pleased that Susan has agreed to join me the first week of every even month right here on Luminescence, Common Sense Spirituality Radio show.

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