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Stalking Ghosts? || Michelle Whitedove

June 25, 2015

Stalking Ghosts? Seeriously Psychic Expert || Michelle Whitedove

Aired Thursday, 25 June 2015, 3:00 PM ET

The first time Sarah Nash became acquainted with Michelle Whitedove was a result of watching the HBO documentary “No One Dies in Lily Dale”. Followers of Radio Nahmaste understand that Rev. Nash is the worlds most skeptical psychic, but she will be the first one to tell you that she’s a huge fan and supports Whitedove with the respect of someone who has “been there, done that.”

Sarah has watched the HBO Documentary three times and each time she became more convinced — through intuitive processing — that Michelle possessed more psychic abilities than anyone Sarah had ever encountered. Furthermore, Sarah became enchanted with the humorous and very ambitious woman behind the gorgeous face and talent of Whitedove.

Today’s show will be an irreverent romp through the land of those who are clairvoyant and why it can be somewhat difficult to manage the world with your feet in places both seen and unseen. Listeners world wide will be invited to sign up for a free web class about “The Other Side, Angels and Departed Loved Ones” going live from 8pm-10pm EST on Friday, June 26 — but please sign up as soon as possible. Sarah would, but she will be enroute back to the US and in the air as opposed to “on the air”.

About Guest Michelle Whitedove

Celebrity Psychic & Spiritual Medium Michelle Whitedove was awarded the title of America’s #1 Psychic and won $100K after proving her supernatural abilities on the competitive reality show AMERICA’S PSYCHIC CHALLENGE.

She’s the first psychic to prove her supernatural abilities by being tested on TV and filmed under strict FCC rules to guarantee authenticity. Her gifts have been tested both in the USA and abroad on SIX SENSE INT’L. With humor and straight forward style Whitedove relays messages from the Heavens. As a sought after expert and gifted teacher this six time author shares her messages of love, hope and transformation.

As America’s best, Whitedove has been featured on TV around the globe on the TODAY Show with Matt Lauer, in the HBO documentary No One Dies in Lily Dale, America’s Psychic Challenge, Millionaire Matchmaker, Sixth Sense International on RTL TV Netherlands, MUN2 Spanish TV, City TV & Breakfast TV- Canada, W in Australia and Sony in Japan.

Whitedove works as a Medium connecting departed loved ones with the living to prove that the transition that we call Death is merely our birth back to Heaven. Michelle also works as a Psychic Life coach & grief counselor to help people understand what really happens when we die because at the age of 18, Michelle had a NDE (Near Death Experience) when she was involved in a fatal car crash.

Whitedove is also known as a Paranormal Expert that has trekked to some of the world’s most haunted locations to explore the reality of Ghosts and Earth-bound souls. She specializes as a Health Intuitive, Business Consultant and a Relationship Expert too.

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