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Self Importance Undercover

February 2, 2022

Self Importance Undercover

Air Date: Wednesday, 2 February 2022 at 5:00 PM ET/2:00 PM PT

This week on Expedition Self we’ll be taking a jaunt into ‘Self Importance Undercover’ – a conversation about active Co-creating, Collaboration, & Force.

Do you wonder why working together with others can leave you feeling disappointed and frustrated because your drive to get things done doesn’t match up with others?

Is collaboration a concept you’d like to experience more ‘pay-off’ from? Do you sometimes feel exhausted from your efforts to ‘get things done’?

In this week’s show, we’ll be talking about what ‘really’ propels you to complete goals, move life forward and manage everyday life. You’ll delve deeper into understanding how a vague and inner, visceral force applies pressure to your thoughts, feelings and actions causing outcomes to go differently than you desire.

Self Importance is a powerful inner driver that unsuspectingly fuels and fortifies many of our actions. Although it is such a very tricky challenge to see it for what it is!

All of the hidden motivation and associated justification of this aspect of Self occurs behind the scenes of our everyday thought – oftentimes going completely indistinguishable even to those of us who wish to see because it clothes itself in other more altruistic and righteous garb.

Sam will help unpack the layers of thought that give inner ‘Self Importance’ an unobstructed playground in your day-to-day activities. You’ll have an opportunity to think about how you collaborate with others, achieve results, and OWN more of your personal wiring.

It’ll be a thought-challenging and captivating hour. Sam invites you to CALL IN and CHAT LIVE about ‘Self Importance Undercover’ to further the conversation. Ask questions. Share experiences. This could be the hour that moves you one step further on your growth and development journey.

Go to to follow along and new show updates each week.

You won’t want to miss being an ‘ON AIR’ participant of Expedition Self. Sam will provide real insight, understanding and offer an opportunity to connect a ‘NEW way of thinking’ to ‘YOUR way of thinking’.

Each week Sam discusses a different and highly accessible aspect of life helping you to build a stronger, deeper relationship with the inner Self so you can become more and more WHOLE.

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