Second Chances with Dr. Stacey Cooper

August 8, 2018

Aired Wednesday, 8 August 2018, 12:00 PM ET

Second Chances with Dr. Stacey Cooper

Do You Love Yourself?

Do you love your thoughts and your feelings?

Do you love where you’re taking your life and feel aligned with your Inner being’s desires?

Do you take care of YOU first and with that take responsibility for your well being?

The launch pad for an amazing, happy and fulfilling life is the firm cushion of self love.

Self love is what gets us through blame, judgement, disappointment,hatred, sadness, pain and guilt.

We declare August as Self Love Month and to support this we are offering an exclusive series featuring the anthology book What’s Self Love Got To Do With It. Lisa Berry of Light On Living is interviewing 13 incredible authors as they share their life lessons and mindset tips to help you connect to yourself on a deeper level and experience your own love , your own appreciation and express your value from your heart by simply being.

Listen in to each show and comment on Lisa Berry’s Face Book page to enter a draw to WIN your own copy of What’s Self Love Got To Do With It. There’s a winner for EVERY show!