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Saying YES to Pleasure with Gaia Morrissette

November 16, 2017

Aired Thursday, 16 November 2017, 4:00 PM ET

Saying YES to Pleasure with Gaia Morrissette

Sexual Wellness Coach and BDSM Life Coach Gaia Morrissette will talk about the importance of pleasure being the missing link to happiness, abundance, health and intimacy with yourself and the universe. When we are disconnected from our body and pleasure we become disconnected from true selves and all others in our world. She with help us learn to let go of the fear that stops us from saying yes to pleasure today! Discover how to reconnect with your source of joy in your mind body and soul.

About the Guest: Gaia Morrissette

Gaia S. Morrissette, has dedicated her life to making the world a happier, sexier and safer place for us all. She is a world renowned Sexual Wellness Coach, BDSM Life Coach, Instructor, Author, International Speaker and founder of Succulent Living . Through her Sexual Wellness Coaching Private Practice; she makes sex safe, makes sex better and helps you take it to next level. Her philosophy is that for true Sexual Wellness to happen you must look at these 5 aspects: Play, Sensuality, Sexuality, Exploration and Sacred. Her published book: Stop! Drop! & Wiggle! explores the first aspect which is our foundation of Happiness: PLAY. She is also the founder and Department Head of the Sexual Wellness Coaching Certification Program at The Succulent Living Institute. Her education and training consist of, sexology, trauma recovery, life coaching, tantra training, sex coaching, and lots of practice in the areas of play, healing, and exploring. For more information about Gaia and her professional practice, please visit:

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