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Sacred Hearts Rising Interview Series with Rachael Dyer and Stephanie Leach

April 27, 2020

Sacred Hearts Rising Interview Series with Rachael Dyer and Stephanie Leach

Aired Monday, April 27, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST

It’s Never Too Late OR To Early

Two stories, one goal. To help others prevent suffering. Physical, emotional and mental wellness is always possible and listening to others share their wisdom is a step in creating a beautiful life not to be missed.

We begin with our first guest and co-author in Sacred Hearts Rising is Rachel Dyer.

Rachel was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 15 and underwent major spine surgery at 16. She hopes to raise awareness of scoliosis and the importance of early detection. Learning how to identify scoliosis through signs and symptoms can help people not suffer the way she did and literally create a more comfortable, active and enjoyable full life.

Rachael Dyer was born in Leicester in the UK and is the youngest of four children.

Rachael married her Canadian husband in 2006 and immigrated to Canada.

She is the co-owner of a fitness centre in Sookie BC. She is also co-founder and President of Sooke Women In Business and loves to see women empowering other women.

Rachael lives in British Columbia and loves to spend time with her husband and dogs Oscar and Hank.

Our second guest and co-Author in Sacred Hearts Rising is Stephanie Leach.

As a young girl, Stephanie lived through emotional & verbal abuse at the hands of the person she loved most – her mother.

She came to realize that this was a generational issue and pattern that would continue to play itself out if she didn’t change course. Stephanie made it her mission to start learning, growing & healing.

After 2 decades of conscious work, she has stopped the cycle, healed herself, learned to put up healthy boundaries & stand up for herself. What she could never have anticipated in the process is that HER healing rippled outward, helping & healing her mom and others in the process.

Stephanie lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia with her husband Ken. She loves kayaking, entertaining, travelling and hiking with her dog Libby. She continues to work on personal growth and has a dynamic & passionate energy for sharing her personal experiences of learning, growing and healing. Most of all, Stephanie is grateful to have the support of Ken, her step-son Jay & his wife Amie.

Beyond the Chapter – Sacred Hearts Rising Interview Series

Secrets are told and pasts are revealed to create bigger, better and brighter lives, to never live in the shadows of shame.

Sacred Hearts Rising Anthology Series has inspired a global movement where we are all encouraged to stand up and say it’s time to break free from the shadows of trauma and abuse.

During this interview series you’ll hear from co-authors who have faced and survived profound trauma, loss, and pain and who have discovered great strength, personal determination and deeper understanding. They chose to seek out something better than where they were.

Through their interviews, you will hear about both the ease and the challenge involved in finding the wings a person needs to take flight, out of suffering and into a bigger and brighter future.

Each episode serves as a reminder that
*You are not alone in your struggles
*That there is hope for you,
*That you can find your wings and rise

It can be scary to share but
*you will undoubtedly find yourself in one or more of the co-author’s shoes or know someone who has a similar story
*You may feel what some of the co-authors have gone through and understand others
*You will discover how they came out the other side: whole and free

Throughout this series including, 5 interviews with Publisher/Author and 8 co-authors, you’ll feel the Inspiration, the Honesty and the Courage of true life stories that nobody wants to voice out loud but certainly wants to hear about.

The stories vary from abuse, mental illness, suicide to life as an lgbtq but every co-author tells you how they made it through. It’s time to live openly and freely and live in our own light.

Week 1 Brenda Hammon
Week 2 Debbie Bibaud / Elizabeth Gagnon
Week 3 Daphne McDonagh / Alexis Ellis
Week 4 Nadine Hanchar / Jennifer Grenier
Week 5 Rachael Dyer / Stephanie Leach

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