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Robert B. McGuinness - From Career to Calling: What Does It Take to Make the Leap?

June 2, 2020

Robert B. McGuinness – From Career to Calling: What Does It Take to Make the Leap?

Aired Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST

Are you serving your highest calling? Are you living a life of deep satisfaction and purpose? Does your work give you this purpose, or is it simply a career to meet expenses and pay the mortgage? Are you experiencing the frustration of knowing deep-down that there is something else you need to be doing, that there is some other reason why you are here, and that you just don’t see a way to get there?

If you find that you are not serving your calling, or if you aren’t sure what that is, you are not alone. Join us this week on Decide to Transform as Robert B. McGuinness, CEO and Founder of Soul Venturer, LLC shares with us his own personal journey from career to calling, and what it took to make the leap.

At a former desk job in New York City, Robert felt like he didn’t belong, and that he was meant for something bigger, even though he didn’t at first know what. Eventually, he asked how it could be done. How could he make the leap from career to deepest calling?

A journey of deep personal discovery followed. Along the way, Robert has worked with some of the world’s leading experts in business and spiritual spaces, including Dr. Joe Vitale, Tony Robbins, and Dr. Donny Epstein, and shares with us some of his most profound lessons.

The transition from a career to a calling requires diligence and commitment, but it all starts with a decision. On the show Robert shares with us his most difficult decisions, and his most meaningful. He also shares his advice and suggestions for anyone looking to make a similar transition in life.

To stand in your calling involves a journey, perhaps the most important journey of all: the journey back to yourself.

About Robert B. McGuinness

Robert B. McGuinness is the CEO/Founder of Soul Venturer. Which is a company that helps corporate professionals navigate a smooth transition out of their career and into their entrepreneurial calling, without sacrificing their family or financial needs. They do this using a unique methodology that operates under a premise of having one gain crystal clear clarity on their mission first before ever deciding when to leave their career. This particular methodology was created by Robert when he wanted to figure out how he could do the same thing for himself. Robert has been seen in many publications to talk about this process such as Forbes, ABC, NBC and FOX.

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