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Rising Above the Chaos

February 25, 2020

Rising Above the Chaos

Aired Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST

Join us for a discussion on how we can rise above the chaos of a continuously challenging and changing world. The way we manage stress today has a huge outcome on our potential to succeed. Join us for a special conversation that explores, adversity, burnout and how to conquer chronic conditions, even cancer!

About the Guest: Carolyn Gross

Carolyn Gross is an expert in the field of Mind-Body Healing with over two decades of experience helping people rise above chaos and gravitate to health. As an award-winning Speaker, Executive Coach, and Patient Advocate, she has appeared on NBC, ABC, and Lifetime TV.

As a business owner and healer, she has expertise in both business and natural health. Her research provides a multitude of solutions and skills that help people manage chaos with confidence. Her other books include: Staying Calm in the midst of Chaos, Treatable and Beatable: Healing Cancer without Surgery and Breaking the Cancer Code.





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