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Reacting vs. Creating

May 20, 2015

Reacting vs. Creating – How to Start Creating Your Life Instead of Reacting to it with Dirk Terpstra

Aired Wednesday, 20 May 2015, 9:00 PM ET

We as humans tend to live in the reactionary world. We’re reaction machines and we’re often proud of that. Unfortunately, when we don’t feel bliss or happiness, we blame the rest of the world. What if we could make a switch from reacting to the events around us to creating our own life and giving expression to our personal and deepest wishes and desires? Learn how from our conversation tonight between Allen and Dirk Terpstra.

About Guest Dirk Terpstra

Dirk Terpstra is the founder of Soul Love, neuroscience researcher, student of life and dedicated interviewer for OMTimes. Dirk’s philosophy is: “We can only be at peace and feel fulfilled when we are honest with ourselves and start closing the gap between who we appear to be and who we really are. You will then discover that you ARE beautiful and that all the potential already lies inside of you.”

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