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Ravishing Reviews & Ask the BCG with Motorized Millie

April 30, 2015

Aired Thursday, 30 April 2015, 3:00 PM ET

It’s the end of the month and where we wrap up the news and views. We’ll bring on co host Motorized Millie for a different brand of enlightenment with opinions and insights from her side of the chair and reveal the winner of a One Hour psychic session with Sarah Nash. Then we’ll hand out the Nahmaste award and the greatly anticipated Father Mulchahey citation.

This is also the week where “Ask The Blue Collar Goddess” is highlighted, so send your aching heart, soul seeking questions to or find the form on our website at: 

For the archives, you’ll want to pay a visit to our previous interviews this month with Kundalini Master Chrism, Labyrinth Society Executive Director David Gallagher and author of “Girls don’t ride motorbikes” Dorit Brauer. If those were good the first time around (they were!) you’ll appreciate them for a second spin — Find us at OM Times Radio Archives: 

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