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Project Afterlife

September 10, 2015

Aired Thursday, 10 September 2015, 10:00 PM ET

In this weeks show Katrina will be interviewing 2 guests by the name of Johnny Clark and Jesse Birkey. They have both featured in an American documentary aired on the Discovery Channel called Project Afterlife. Project Afterlife examines tales of people who have come back from the dead.

About Guests Johnny Clark and Jesse Birkey

Johnny Clark, investigative filmmaker – Johnny is the visionary storyteller behind the groundbreaking 2013 documentary Deadraiser, which examines the ability of humans to raise the dead. Since the film’s release, Johnny has continued investigating resurrection cases increasingly coming to light in the U.S. with an investigative team comprised of other people who share his passion for unlocking clues about how the supernatural phenomenon works.

Jesse Birkey, paramedic – Jesse’s job frequently puts him on the frontlines of death, but everything changed one day in 2009 when he took part in a resurrection after praying for the patient to come back to life. Jesse has since continued to mix prayer and medicine in his professional duties and wrote a book, Life Resurrected: Extraordinary Miracles Through Ordinary People.

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