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Paint Yourself a RAINBOW

December 16, 2015

Aired Wednesday, 16 December 2015, 1:00 PM ET

This week around my festive kitchen table we will be tripping the light fantastic, and sharing Colourful words of wisdom and healing Light with my dear friend Theresa Sundt.

We will be discussing the magical wonder, power, healing and beauty of living and working with the full spectrum of colour.

Theresa is an amazingly colourful and beautiful soul, she is a certified colour therapist, reiki practitioner, masseuse and a professional artist who delights in embracing and working with colour.

She is passionate about spreading colour awareness to the whole world and teaching everyone everywhere how to Create and Heal with colour as an active meditation.

I will also be sharing my stories and pieces of channelled writing to help brighten your day, for words will colour your life as paints would colour a page.

Together we will be Raising Vibrations Across the Nations with the radiant resonance of a rainbow.

About the Guest Theresa Sundt

I am a certified colour therapist, reiki practitioner and masseuse and I run a clinic where a practise those therapies twice a week in Brighton; every Monday and Friday. I have been an art teacher in schools and then later in after school activities’ centres and I was also selling my art, mainly textiles as a professional artist. 15 years ago I discovered that colour had therapeutic qualities and can be used to restore energy and to support our well being. I got totally infatuated with the healing power of colour and a few years later I had acquired three different colour therapy diplomas which enabled me to practise and teach colour therapy all around the world. As the law of attraction goes, my wish to spread colour awareness was granted when Zepter’s Bioptron AG, a Swiss company which manufactures state of the art Colour Light Therapy devices, hired me to become their official colour therapist. 15 years later I have been training Zepter’s people all around Central Europe and Russia; Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belarus, Rumania, Moscow, Ekaterinesburg, Kazan, Siberia, Kazakhstan etc, etc. Like a flying rainbow I was spreading colour and hope for healing to vast audiences who were in awe in front of this miraculous tool called.

My art background was and is always part of me and when I was not travelling for Bioptron I was teaching art workshops and retreats. Create with colour as an active meditation, learn how to observe so that you can reproduce nature’s colourful beauty; and this will heal you, was my motto. Step by step little by little. Self healing! Every year I teach art with a touch of colour healing in Skyros in Greece (, a retreat that started more than 35 years ago the first of its kind and which still goes strong with its beautiful community spirit, the great teachers it invites and the fantastic participants that we so much love and connect to each summer! I also regularly give my course ‘weave with the rainbow’ in Art in Action, in Waterbury Park.

What keep me focused this year and wish to perfection it in 2016 is the creation of a Colour Light Hub, in London where there would be constant educational programs on how to keep well and happy with the help of colour light. Self healing is a very important skill that everybody already knows, but they need to be reminded of it. Of course they will be also introduced to the 9 colour personalities; what colour do you think you are?

I run a Morning Mediation class for the last 3 years, in Rottingdean E.Sussex and together with the other participants I have the pleasure to be 100% mindful of the present moment for a whole hour!