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Obstacles Equal Opportunities - 3 Stories of Courage

July 8, 2019

Obstacles Equal Opportunities – 3 Stories of Courage

Aired Monday, 8 July 2019, 12:00 PM EST / 9:00 AM PST

Karen Gedney

30 Years Behind Bars Yes But The Jailbreak Will Surprise You!

A female prison doctor shares where compassion is surprisingly found.

Karen Gedney Corps Scholarship winner, she was placed in a male medium security prison after her training, to do a four-year payback in 1987. Against all the odds, she turned it into a calling that lasted almost three decades.

She was given The Nevada Hero’s for Humanity Award in 2000 for her work as a pioneer in HIV care in correctional settings. Karen was also recognized by the American Correctional Association as one of the ‘Best in the Business’.

On leaving the prison in 2016, Karen dedicated her life as a catalyst to shift the current prison paradigm to one of prevention, healing and re-integration. Her first book is her memoir, 30 Years Behind Bars, Trials of a Prison Doctor and is available on her website and on Amazon.

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Tracy Rickards

Become the master of your destiny and do it now!

Would you like to kiss that corporate job that’s killing your soul goodbye? Well pucker up because Tracy will share how she trains people to “Kiss Your Boss Goodbye”.

Tracy initially created the Kiss Your Boss Goodbye book, coaching and online training course, to free herself from a corporate job that was killing her soul.

Tracy’s rediscovery of herself and becoming the master of her own world was fueled by a surprising sequence of events. Her quest for learning, fulfillment, and to have it all ‘make sense’ was her catalyst to freedom and living her ultimate dream. As a speaker and educator, she provides a powerful combination of the business and personal skills you require to transform your life with confidence.

Being an advocate for self-discovery, personal fulfillment, and standing apart from the crowd, Tracy boldly and candidly shares her years of education and experience. Becoming the master of your destiny does not have to take years – transformation and freedom are only one decision away.

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Leslie Tremblay

Easy to write – Hard to share

When you share a story that’s personal and everyone expected a professional one. Being vulnerable has brought about a lesson of personal strength

Lesley‘s ambition and education have been her pathway to achieving a rewarding career as a professional administrator she is a lifelong learner with an ongoing desire to investigate the more intrinsic qualities in life and what makes us who we become

She continuously steps outside her comfort zone both professionally and personally knowing that this is the only way one grows. Her passions include a travel family community service and inspiring others to become better versions of themselves through guidance in personal and professional advancement / development

Her greatest accomplishment was at the age of 42 when she gave birth to her son Dominic. Leslie never gave up trying to be a mom along with her husband she teaches her son how to become the best person he can be.

Leslie‘s life is about balance and not giving up on her dreams connect with Leslie:

Interview Series – Obstacles Equal Opportunities Volume II: The Enlightened Journey: Heather Andrews

Every Monday in July starting July 8th

How these Individuals Overcame Obstacles to Create Success in their Lives

Life has a way of throwing lemons at us when we least expect it. So, what can you do with those lemons? You fire up the juicer and prep the lemonade stand!

Ignite your confidence and your personal drive to overcome whatever challenges you face with the power of authenticity, vulnerability and good old-fashioned grit.

Join visibility strategist and publisher, Heather Andrews and 11 of the 13 of her inspiring co-authors as they share their personal experiences with some of life’s most challenging circumstances.

Learn how these entrepreneurs overcame damaging business experiences, financial ruin, and personal hardships, as they show you how to move forward with the poise, grace and insight.

Whatever adversities life has thrown at you or your business, find out how to expose the humbling wisdom in the lesson, and learn how to change your circumstances by shifting your mindset.

You’ll also find key factors to the success of your own journey in each author’s lessons. Such as:

* Uncover your authentic self to build your confidence
* Exercise your thoughts daily to change your beliefs
* Don’t let the fear of what could happen, make nothing happen
* Let these inspirational storytellers help you rise up and overcome your challenges using the professional tools and services they have to offer.