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Melanie Meade and Dr. Anthony Mattis - Walking Your Path

August 12, 2019

Walking Your Path

Aired Monday, 12 August 2019, 4:00 PM ET

Wherever you go, there is your body… Dr. Anthony Mattis talks about walking his path in business and life and his love of working with bodies. He has created an international business sharing what he knows, facilitating change and it is created from the JOY of it. Staying true to him and trusting what he knows might not always be easy but has taken him on paths that are new and very much his own. He talks to Melanie this week about joy being the best medicine on this week’s show!

Guest Bios:

Melanie Meade is a social media marketing professional, business mentor, consultant and the Managing Director of Access Consciousness’ European operations. She is Certified Facilitator for Access Consciousness® and several special Access programs including Joy of Business and Access Bars.

An inspired creator with a natural flair for content creation and social media marketing, Melanie is sought after for her innovative insights and her innate ability to capture and illuminate other’s brilliance. You can find out more about Melanie at:

Dr. Anthony Mattis is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, 3 Day Body Class Facilitator and Talk to the Entities Facilitator. Dr. Anthony also provides ASB (Anthony Synthesis of Being) sessions to Gary Douglas (Founder of Access Consciousness) & Dr. Dain Heer (Founder of Energetic Synthesis of Being) & amazing people all of over the world.