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Manifestation Made Easy with Ken Elliott

April 24, 2016

Aired Sunday, 24 April 2016, 9:00 PM ET

Have you ever wondered why creating a wonderful life seems so easy for some, yet so very challenging and difficult for others?

Sylvia’s guest Ken Elliott, author of the award winning book Manifesting 1 2 3: And You Don’t Need #3, provides new evidence that will change your point of view of the world and allow you to consciously manifest what you would love to receive and experience in your life.

About the Guest Ken Elliott

Ken Elliott is an author and artist living in Castle Rock, Colorado. He has experienced and collected astonishing stories for over 25 years. In a unique and convincing way, Ken learned how thought works, building objects and concepts in the unseen field around each of us.

Ken is an accomplished speaker, passing his empowering information on to individuals and groups.

For more information about Ken Elliott and his lectures and workshops, visit: