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Making Money & Having Fun In Business

July 29, 2019

Making Money & Having Fun In Business

Aired Monday, 29 July 2019, 4:00 PM ET

Are you really having fun in your job right now? What would it take to get more joy and to create more money? Paul Kearney and Laurence Favier talk about their own experience in the corporate world and what fun they are up to now. They share some tips on how they get more ease in their life and create dynamic businesses from a very different and new perspective on this weeks show!

Guest Bios:

Paul Kearney is a wellness coach and an international business consultant. He has advised organisations at the highest level and works to empower any individual to create a life they love. He passionately believes that life should be fun and joyful and an expression of living every moment. He works with individuals, businesses and various organisations to embrace change grow and develop in a continuous manner.

Laurence Favier, after more than 30 years in senior IT roles, particularly in project management and operations made a conscious decision to adopt a more fulfilling and nurturing approach to work and impending retirement.

After discovering Access Consciousness™, Laurence began to integrate these quick and effective tools into her own life, and to teach them to others. She has swiftly become an Access Consciousness™ certified facilitator, a Being You facilitator and a Joy of Business facilitator.

Her knowledge of the corporate world is an asset to her clients – Laurence offers relevant and effective training for businesses and business leaders, as well as valuable insights for the wellbeing of employees. She provides trainings, conferences, workshops and one-on-one sessions.

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