Love Is The Power with Robert O. Williams

November 30, 2017

Aired Thursday, 30 November 2017, 7:00 PM ET

Love Is The Power: Moving Humanity From Fear To Love with Robert O. Williams

What happens when we live all emotions, thoughts and body feelings as love as opposed to just searching for love? The answer, according to Inventor, Near-Death-Experiencer and former Beach Boys Musician, Robert O. Williams, “We are free to give to others without need or fear. That love is the power and pure heart consciousness.

Considered to be one of the world’s foremost experts in subtle energy engineering and technology, Robert O. Williams’ life journey has been a far from average one. The author of the book “Love is the Power: Moving Humanity from Fear to Love,” Robert O. Williams joins Sandie this week to discuss:

~ His unique childhood and magical time performing and recording with the Beach Boys
~ His extraordinary near-death experiences
~ The out-of-body visits to other dimensions, which showed him the answer to the purpose of humanity
~ His invention of Quantum Code Technology™ and the Heart+ App, which is designed to help move humanity from fear to love
~ The ultimate purpose of Love… and much more…

About the Guest: Robert O. Williams

ROBERT O. WILLIAMS is considered one of the world’s foremost experts in subtle energy engineering and technology. An inventor, musician and educator, he lectures at leading universities and is the inventor and developer of Quantum Code Technology™. In addition to teaching music at the university level, Robert recorded and performed with such artists as The Beach Boys, Paul Horn and Charles Lloyd. He has worked with prominent scientists including Dr. William Tiller (Stanford), Dr. Beverly Rubik (Berkeley), Dr. Rustum Roy (Penn State) and Dr. Stuart Krassner (UC Irvine).

The mission of his innovative global technology company, One08, is to improve the lives of all human beings worldwide by developing and bringing to market scientifically based life-changing mobile apps and clean technology products that improve the health, performance and lifestyles of its customers. Future offerings from One08 will include additional mobile apps, and patented clean technology products with Quantum Code Technology™ to positively affect global resources necessary for healthy living.