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Love for Long Term Couples

May 4, 2017

Aired Thursday, 4 May 2017, 4:00 PM ET

Love for Long Term Couples

Are you a Couple who has been together for a while? What’s a while? For most couples, chemistry begins fading after the first year. After that, couples can sink into patterns of repetition, feelings of not being attracted to or by their partner, assuming rather than asking or communicating, feeling blasé about sex, and lackluster and hopeless about making any changes.

Through Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, you can learn tools and practices to either reignite or ignite your relationship for the first time. Creating Alchemy! Learning ways to:

~ Communicate with each other. Sharing and Listening from and with ALL of your senses.
~ Create Intimacy through eye gazing, breath, sound, intention, Tantric positions.
~ Connect Heart and Sexual Centers (Chakras).
~ Juice up your relationship with sexy talk.
~ Discover each other’s arousal speeds and erogenous zones (there more than you think).
~ Be curious to explore, experiment, and engage with each other’s needs and desires.
~ Heal and release any stuck or blocked energy that can hold you back from deep Love!
~ And more…

Guest Bios:

Dawn Beck and Gerard Gatz are Advanced Certified Tantra Educators through the Source School of Tantra and Charles Muir. They individually and together provide Tantric Exploration for couples and individuals, in the form of evening, full day, and full weekend workshops, as well as private coaching and extended immersion experiences. As a loving, committed couple of over 17 years, they incorporate the work (and play) of Conscious and Sacred Sexuality into their relationship. This has deepened and strengthened their love…giving them an amazing bond of sweetness and depth to share with their clients. Residing primarily in Boulder, CO, while also traveling around the country, Dawn and Gerard are honored to offer the essence of their love of each other and this work, always creating a safe and sacred space for healing, awakening, learning, and growth.