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Living Your Sacred Essence

June 16, 2015

Aired Tuesday, 16 June 2015, 11:00 AM ET

Based on her profound direct spiritual experiences Nita Goyal has a message, as a friend, reminding others as to their soul’s true essence–that is one of the purest, the grandest and the glorious of all. Before her transformative spiritual experiences she believed in and lived a life as conditioned by her beliefs and concepts, fulfilling the expectations imposed by society. After the transformation she came into realization how misguided and outdated the old paradigm was, though with good intention. She feels the pull of the sacred energies nudging her to step up and help fellow beings realize their pure essence, their wholeness, the intelligence and glory that they are and their divine potential that is just waiting underneath to be embraced. She feels deeply honored to be allowed this role of being a spiritual catalyst helping in shifting the planet to the next level of consciousness. Join us for a unique dialogue with the Author/speaker Nita Goyal.

About Guest Nita Goyal

Nita Goyal is visionary new age author bridging the gap between spiritual and objective view of life. In her first book “Seduction of the Mind— a pilgrimage of spirit” released in 2011 she has attempted to integrate science and spirituality. Written in visionary fiction style, it encompasses vast and complex subjects in the realm of mind-body-spirit. Based on her own direct spiritual experiences her book comes down to the basic questions of one’s existence, the meaning of life, and how to live enriching and harmonious life.

Nita offers her readers and audience guidance through practical tools and techniques to acknowledge and connect with the loving presence and power that lies within everyone. She invites everyone to take a journey into the innermost dimension of their being. It is a wonderful adventure and a great responsibility we owe to us, she says.