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Living Beyond Fear

June 4, 2020

Living Beyond Fear

Aired Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 1:00 PM PST / 4:00 PM EST

Everything you would like to experience in Life is just beyond F.E.A.R.

False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear is just a thought not a feeling we think it, rationalise it and gain evidence for it… but don’t feel it, the feeling we feel is SCARED.

Pennie & Matthew will start the show by sharing and guiding you with the last MAT breath of “Soul Rotation with Intention” which they didn’t share last week because they ran out of time and then go on to discuss… What is Grace. It’s that life-bestowing, love-bestowing power of the universe, the mysterious way cosmic intelligence has of moving you toward more goodness, more truth, more freedom. When we resist change, hold on too tightly, and refuse to let go, it’s real difficult for grace to be present in our lives.

We believe that God, spirit, the universal power, or whatever you call it for yourself has so much to give you, but only if you cooperate. Are you doing your part! Maybe the universe is just working overtime for you, but you are not letting in the blessings. Maybe there’s a big pile of blessings waiting for you in some cosmic storehouse, but they can’t come into your life until you make the space. You may be praying, you may be doing affirmations, you may be going to therapy, attending twelve-step program meetings, reading uplifting books, but are you really cooperating by letting go of what’s not serving you anymore!

Make room for grace-on the physical level as well as the emotional level. Find the courage to let go of whatever doesn’t serve you anymore, whether it’s a relationship, your job, old possessions, or beliefs and emotions you’ve been clinging to.

A wonderful tool to help you contemplate this is to ask yourself:

What is it that I’ve been holding on to that I need to let go of?

What is no longer serving me in my life that I need to release?

We know that it’s scary to let go. But your fear that by letting go, you will end up with nothing is groundless. Deep inside, you know this. You have no evidence in your life that this is the way things turn out. So many times, when you thought you were losing something valuable, something much greater has come along. So many times, when you were forced to let go of something you thought you couldn’t live without, you’ve ended up with something far better than you had ever imagined was possible.

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