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Living a Joyful and Purpose Driven Life

October 30, 2018

Aired Tuesday, 30 October 2018, 2:00 PM ET

Living a Joyful and Purpose Driven Life

Sometimes the darkest days of lives lead us to our sacred truth and life purpose. Karin, Volo, otherwise known as the “Chief Joy Bringer,” shares her story of being wrongfully imprisoned, how she found joy during that time, and how she’s helping bring joy to the world as an expert in engagement, career, personal and organizational development.

About the Guest: Karin Volo

Karin Volo (Chief Joy Bringer / CEO), an expert in engagement, career, personal and organizational development, is known as the Chief Joy Bringer. She’s a co-author of the international best selling book, Engage! How to Create A Workplace That You, Your Co-Workers and Your Customers Love. With 15+ years experience working with international Fortune 500 companies on two continents, she has insights on business building, cultural transformation, and high performance. Karin works with cultural development, employee engagement, leadership mentoring, professional inspirational speaking and writing. She is also a Certified C-IQ™ Coach.

She uses her professional skills and draws from her personal experiences to help individuals and companies thrive. She is the author of the Bringing Joy children’s series, a faculty member at the Institute for Inspired Organizational Cultures, a guest lecturer at several universities, and an expert judge on employee engagement awards in both the UK and the US. Karin’s passion is helping people better their lives through sharing all she has learned on her own journey. Her purpose is bringing joy to the workplace.